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Russia TG number data from our site is highly effective for businesses that want to reach clients online. According to sources, in 2023, there were 106 million active users of social media platforms in Russia. Right now the numbers are increasing and online users are close to 150 million. That’s why, if you buy data from TG to Data, you can reach these people instantly via telegram. Additionally, you can send your products’ details, and other info with discounted offers to get your prospects’ attention. As a result, many interested telegram users will buy your service.

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Russia Telegram Numbers List

Russia telegram number list is made of real numbers and our database is completely AI-certified. Our active and flawless numbers are affordable so that you can comfortably reach your targets. Using our leads, you can introduce your potential customers to your upcoming new product, services or projects as well. In short, you can create hype about your products and business among Russians and encourage them to buy from you. So why are you wasting your time anywhere else, when you have the back of our company?

Buy Russia TG Numbers Data

Buy Russia TG number data today at a wholesale price! Where in this country internet users are more than 84%, so use the power of online in your promotional campaigns. Without any doubt, we can guarantee you the real users’ data across the country. Nevertheless, if you fail to reach the right audiences then you cannot increase your sales or profits. On the contrary, you can use our 95% accurate customized leads to make your telegram marketing easy.

5 Million Package

Total Telegram Numbers: 5 Million

Price: $12,000

3 Million Package

Total Telegram Numbers: 3 Million

Price: $8,500

1 Million Package

Total Telegram Numbers: 1 Million

Price: $3,500

500,000 Package

TotalTelegram Numbers: 500,000

Price: $2,500

100,000 Package

Total Telegram Numbers: 100,000

Price: $1,200

10K Package

Total Telegram Numbers: 10,000

Price: $700

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